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Our Team

The Staff Team

The management team are assisted by supervisors: 

Paula Dashwood, Jessica Kirby, Vicky Lund, Lorna Robinson and Abbie Waters ; who are all at least NVQ (or equivalent) level 3 qualified.


Claire Buckley, Vicki Edwards and Cheryl Herridge have a NVQ Level 2.


 Edy Herridge and Rebecca Bouttell are both Level 2 qualified and are currently studying for their level 3.


All staff have current First aid and Safeguarding training

"Staff are so invested in our children, which makes the environment positive and exciting"

Parent Mrs A July 2022

“Thank you for making E's pre-school journey such a happy learning experience"

Parent Ms R July 2022

The Management Team:

Elaine Ford -
Elaine is the Pre-school Manager and Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL). She has been with the pre-school for over 30 years. Elaine has a Foundation degree in Early Years and is also a qualified Early Years Assessor.

Melanie Pitcher -
Melanie is the Deputy Manager and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL). She has been with the pre-school for over 22 years. Melanie has a BA in Early Years and is an Early Years Teacher. She is also the setting's Equalities Named Co-ordinator (ENCo).

Paula Long -
Paula is a Deputy Manager and the pre-school SEND coordinator. She has been with the pre-school for over 13 years. Paula holds a NVQ Level 3 and a Level 4 Certificate.

Our Key-person approach
When your child starts pre-sc
hool they will be able to build a secure bond with their key-person. The EYFS (2021) recognises the importance of building key relationships so that children feel safe and secure. Our staff work in partnership with parents and carers to ensure that their child feels happy, confident and cherished.

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